Zone Charts Compliant to BS5839:1

ALL fire alarm systems require diagrammatic zone plans

A diagrammatic representation of your building in the form of a pictorial zone plan is needed for the fire brigade/user should they need to quickly find their way to an activated device within your building. The British Standard BS:58391 2017 states that the zone plan should be correctly oriented, show a minimum of all building entrances, circulation areas and the division into zones.
It should also include a ‘You Are Here’ mark in order for the user
to identify where they are in relation to the activated device.
 Regardless of building size, failure to install a zone plan is a
non-conformance against the standard. It is important to ensure that your zone plan remains up-to-date and accurate in regards to zone allocations and room usages.
If you don’t have a zone plan next to your fire alarm panel,
then you need one. Get in touch us today and we can help.